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We are a digital marketplace selling HTML templates, PSD templates, WordPress themes and plugins, website tutorials, stock photos, and more...

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Welcome to Total Bounty™ Digital Marketplace

Total Bounty™ is a digital marketplace to buy and sell website templates, WordPress themes and plugins, stock photos, digital images, PSD Photoshop template files, ebook tutorials, fonts, audio, video, and more!

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Designers, developers, photographers, and artists with Total Bounty™ seller accounts should think of us as their “Digital Garage Sale™“. Most people in these roles only make money when they can charge a client billable hours. Over time you do spec and mockup work (that never gets used), or designs and code that die in failed or uncompleted projects. Your hard drives are just full of assets that could be making you money – upload them in a seller account today to create a passive income stream for yourself!

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Who doesn’t love freebies? You should check out our Free PSD download, as well as download WordPress plugins Widget Logic Visual, WordPress Text Message, or our WordPress Business theme. You can find them on our Freebies Page.

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