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How to Limit Posts Per Page in WordPress (Video)

Total Bounty
December 6, 2011
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In WordPress any page that shows a list of posts generally shows the latest 10 in reverse date based order (new to old). How many times have you wanted to show just 1 post? Or 5, 15, or 20? Is there an intuitive easy way to limit posts per page in WordPress? We hope to show you how to get that done in this video tutorial:

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  • Comments (2)
  • Marjorie Bennet

    I was amazed that you can really do these tweaks even without having to change any code in the backend. I’ll check on the front manager and see how I can edit mine, too. Thanks!

  • Ernest

    I like the idea of being able to change how many post would show on your WordPress page. Seems easy with a plugin and quite difficult with changing WP code. I like your video!

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