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ManageWP Review for WordPress Websites

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February 20, 2012
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ManageWP review

Today we’re going to review, which is a service for maintaining multiple WordPress websites. You can manage a few, dozens, or even hundreds of websites from one single dashboard. Bulk update and upgrade all your WordPress websites at once, install a plugin or theme on all websites you own (or manage), even schedule backups to an offsite location.

You will get more usage from this service than probably 20 plugins. They even have security features, uptime and traffic monitoring and alerting, SEO reporting, and the ability to bulk manage categories, tags, and comments.

Does anyone have “just one” WordPress website anymore? Most people not only have more than one, most developers and consultants work with dozens (if not hundreds) for clients. Imagine managing them all from one interface?

In this video review of the ManageWP service, we’re going to go over all the basic features and areas within a paid account:

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  • Comments (3)
    • This was covered in one of our local Orange County WordPress meetups – literally the audience gasped in unison as the presenter showed some of the features of ManageWP. Pretty impressive technology they’ve developed, and it appears very stable too.

    • Thanks Dave. ManageWP was in “beta” for over a year with thousands of users before it went live – so even though it just went live in Jan 2012, the system is very mature and stable. The author (Vladimir Prevolac) has currently 26 different free plugins in the official WordPress repository:

  • This is a great service and much needed for WordPress site owners!

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