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WordPress Text Message

WordPress text message plugin

Total Bounty is proud to be the sponsor of the WordPress Text Message Plugin, a free plugin in the official WordPress repository.

The web has extended to cell phones in such a way that most people begin their search for just about anything on a mobile device or cell phone first. There are billions of text messages sent out each and every day, and it would only make sense that WordPress websites should be able to send out updates via SMS text rather than email (if that was preferred for the user).

SMS texting is a little more personal than email, and if you have a relationship with a person – such as a non-profit, professional association, club, school, or membership website would – this is a feature you truly need to stay connected to people. What better way to update them then on their personal mobile device?

Once you install the WordPress text message plugin you can add a signup form either in a widget or in a page or post using a shortcode:

wordpress sms text message widget

The plugin has some great options, like the ability to notify subscribers each time a new post is published, and / or when specific pages are updated (click image for full size):

wordpress text message options

It also (now) sends out messages in batches, and you can set the number of emails sent out to SMS gateways in the options page. There’s also a new sub-heading for “queue” so you can see messages waiting to go out to subscribers.

*New in Version 2.08*: Added unsubscribe functionality which include a new widget and shortcode.

Now you can use these shortcodes in pages and posts:

You can have the register and unsubscription shortcodes on the same (or differrent) pages.

We also have 2 widgets now, one for subscribe, and one for unsubscribe – OR – you can check the box for “integration with unsubscribe” on the register widget to have ajax unsubscribe functionality from your website.

We added a “redirect” setting on the options page for the plugin, so you can redirect users to a particular page or post after they signup (if you want).

We also fixed a few bugs, and removed some unnecessary files.

*New in Version 2.06*: Now (for the first time), you can edit, modify, delete, or add cell phone carriers to the plugin from the “Carriers” sub-menu of the plugin. By default the plugin is installed with US based cell phone providers. You can remove or add to those cell carriers for your specific geolocation. This means that now it can be used in any country worldwide for international use on WordPress websites!

edit cell phone SMS gateways

We have compiled PDF list of SMS carrriers worldwide (more than 325+), if you don’t know the carrier gateways for your country or location.

Watch the WordPress Text Message Video here:

Here’s a video highlighting the update of version 2.06:

Want to talk about the plugin, or make suggestions? Visit our WordPress Text Message Forum Page to join in the discussion now!

You can download WordPress Text Message from the official WP repository here

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